From interior to exterior and from foundation to rooftop, your building has a multitude of maintenance services needs which may require the facilities services of a professional property maintenance company, that is where Elite Castle come in.

We offer specialized building maintenance services and facilities maintenance support for each need your building has, so you know you’re receiving the right expert for any job at hand. We can schedule routine maintenance to catch and prevent catastrophes before they happen.

For increasing the life of any object it needs maintenance. Everything needs maintenance in fact our body also needs maintenance for good functioning. Just like that buildings also require maintenance for increasing their durability.

After a certain period all the components of structure starts deteriorating, this is because of adverse affects of weathering and atmospheric agencies. Well the reasons for deteriorating of buildings are many like use of poor construction materials, inadequate design, poor workmanship, use of materials in improper proportioning and many more. Due to all this building is not able to perform the objectives of its construction, to stop this repair and maintenance of building becomes necessary. If repairing and maintaining of building is not done a stage will arrive where there is no return i.e. building becomes only a waste consisting of cement, steel and aggregates.

Our Maintenance & Repair Services are classified into following categories.

  • Routine Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Remedial Maintenance
  • Special Maintenance
  • Additions and Alterations

Our Objectives of Maintenance and Repair Services in your building are

  • To keep the structure in good and healthy condition.
  • To prevent serious damages in buildings.
  • To prevent decay of structure caused due to adverse effects of weathering agencies.
  • To strengthen the structures or to maintain the standard of structure.
  • To make some needful improvements in the building so that it can preform its function properly.
  • To improve the facilities depending on the modernization of that area.
  • To maintain the utility value.
  • To increase the durability of structure.
  • To enhance the serviceability of a structure.
  • To avoid crisis maintenance by doing regular and planned maintenance program.