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The Eshrow office, 2nd Foor, Block V, Plot 2 and Bridge Road Oniru, Lagos

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With a propelling resolve to provide spaces and services to every tax bracket, from the middle to upper classes are all generously considered. Our business model provides investors and buyers with unparalleled opportunities, inimitable by competitors. It is the commitment to both impeccably high standards and attention to detail that drives success.

The pivotal role that Elite Castle plays, cannot be overstated. By having such a legacy oriented model, our establishment understands that acquiring a dream apartment, a home or even an office space is more often than not personal. All the socio-economic challenges that consequently worsen the housing deficits in Nigeria, stifle budding families and businesses from owning a property of their own. Fortunately, we have developed a mortgage solution framework, that enables easy property purchases with high yield turnover. This gives families a fair chance to own a nest, a secure and functional build, where the more sentimental things which are the most important in life thrive. A home where, life-long bonds, stories, history and legacies are formed and quite literally, passed down from generation to generation.

Admittedly, building apartments, condominiums and commercial complexes are a ton of achievement, doing that with expertise that allows one to compete with the best in the modern world, is even more astounding. From temperature-controlled swimming pools to lush rooftop gardens and terraces, from state-of-the-art gymnasiums to spacious walkways and children’s play facilities, you’ll find the solution to your need for stylish urban living with Elite Castle Ltd.

Business becomes a pleasure in their purpose-built commercial spaces, with central air-conditioning, triple-height lobby areas, multilayered parking facilities, and much more. You can rest assured that Elite Castle builds efficiently, to give you functionality.

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